My Story

What I Exprienced In Europe

When the Federal Government of Nigeria sent me to the UK for professional accountancy course, little did I know that I would experience something that would change me forever, something that would challenge me to think out of the box.

In Europe I did not see any child hawking and wasting away on the street, during school hours, just as it is common all over Nigeria/Africa. The first question that came into my mind was, how did their parents fund their education? Does it mean that all their parents have money to pay the school fees for their children? But the answer I got shocked me to the marrows. I was told that every child in Europe, whether their parents are rich or poor, orphan or adopted could  use deliberate, sustainable state structures (social inclusion, social security system) deliberately put in place by the government to acquire basic education. Housing, healthcare, unemployment benefits/care are also available to those in need at the appropriate time.  What I felt in my mind then; was what a beautiful idea. So I wrote my first book titled; moving from 3rd world to 1st, effective strategies to alleviate corruption/poverty in Africa. This book was followed by another titled; Africa caught in the web of capitalism.

My books were simply emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive social security system in Africa, with special emphasis to my country Nigeria. I believed then, that the benefits of such would go a long way in reducing the level of pilfering of state funds, insecurity, corruption, poverty, lack of development, do or die politics  that has been a serious problem in Nigeria. The rejection of my proposal, by the national assembly to introduce a limited social security services in the country: on the excuse that our country presently, is not ready for such a limited social security system in Nigeria, on the grounds that we are not ripe for such, prompted me and other fellow researchers to expand the scope of this research by finding out how the developed capitalist economies succeeded in accomplishing this feat, under the same system. Like Martin Luther King jnr said “Nothing is more dangerous in the world today than sincere ignorance” It was in the quest to find answers to these developments that made me and other researchers to carry out further research to see if we can at least find solution/s to the myriads of socio-economic problems facing Nigeria/Africa, under capitalist system. This time be the judge of what we discovered.

I end my story by saying that God did not limit any race based on color or creed. But the greatest limitations of man, is ignorance. It is only through research that events that ultimately shaped the destiny of mankind were first muted for his benefit. In this life there is no gain without pains.

Eric Olie
Author/ Strategic Analyst.