I hope this letter meets your esteemed presence. Please find enclosed marked appendix a, executive summary titled; road to discovery and the book titled: Help! Ignorance: destroying Nigeria, for your information and further necessary action.

The research, spanning over four decades and preceding  the writing of the above book, CONFIRMED that, the real fundamental problem holding Nigeria from developing, just like Europe and other advanced capitalist climes did, under the same system as structural i.e. wrong social ideology. It also  CONFIRMED, WITHOUT AN IOTA, OF DOUBT, THAT THE CALL FOR RESTRUCTURING, SEPARATIST AGENDA, LEVEL OF STEALING OF STATE FUNDS, CORRUPTION, poverty, resort to religion, ethnicity etc would never be at the level it is today, if Nigeria, since independence was running a social ideology that addressed the dangers inherent in a capitalist system, simultaneously with the economic vision of capitalist system, just as is the case all over Europe today. Please see chapter one, two and eight for details.

Please find below the fall outs from the book for Nigeria and by extension all African capitalist climes desirous of enhancing economic growth/social stability in a multi religious, ethnic and tribal society.


The research revealed that democracy is a game of numbers; hence quest for zoning encourages the growth of ethnic, religious, tribal politics to the detriment of issue based politics necessary and germane to our economic/social stability. The reason is simple zoning of presidency robs the majority the opportunity to select the best candidates from those vying for political offices, at the detriment of the growth of the nation.

With state structures that its centerpiece are human capital development, firmly in place in the thirty six states and federal capital territory, zoning of the presidential office should be stopped immediately in order to allow the majority pick their choice of candidates based on issues, instead of resorting to religion, ethnicity, and tribe to do so. Whoever is selected should pick his or her vice from the minority population so as to fulfill constitutional provisions of securing twenty five percent of votes cast from either North or South in order to win in that election.


If Nigeria have to zone its Presidential office for the sole purpose of enhancing UNITY between the North and South then, such proposals must be enshrined in the constitution in order to be binding on all the parties contesting election so that the electorates would be able to elect candidates of their choice based on issues only. Unfortunately, without such constitutional back up, zoning of presidential office should be consigned to the dustbin of history.



The researchers advice and in line with worlds best practice all over Europe and other advanced capitalist economies, that, in order to address the  high level of corruption, stealing of state funds, financial frustrations of Nigerian workers and millions of Nigerian citizens that today hawk and waste on the streets, during school hours, growing call for restructuring, separatist agenda, zoning of political offices, agitations, insecurity,   resort to religion, ethnicity in seeking political office,  human capital drain, among others, Nigeria like Europe did, should put in place deliberate, sustainable state structures (social inclusion, social security system, by whatever name called) in all thirty six states and Federal capital territory.

 To put the issues  in another perceptive, Nigeria MUST run a social ideology that guarantees all citizens, rich or poor, with or without a father or mother, of access to healthcare, education, housing etc through state structures. For avoidance of doubts, state structures that uses several workable concepts such as, *social security tax*, mortgage, insurance, loans, effective pension schemes, credit system, plus massive investment in housing, transportation, food security etc to ensure affordability/availability, are simply ALTERNATIVES that citizens could use to move to the next level of their lives, *when the need arises*, Instead of engaging in stealing of state funds/ corrupt practices etc to do so. State structures, an almost self financing system, and in line with world’s best practice, are not free meals, because free meals do not last. But it recognizes the needs of the vulnerable and provides a succor. It is our considered opinion that successful implementation of state structures would change the economics/social dynamics in Nigeria FOREVER. Please see chapter two for the real meaning/import of a state structures and chapter one on why there is no option to a state structure in a capitalist dispensation. WITH STATE STRUCTURES IN PLACE IN NIGERIA, AS IS THE CASE ALL OVER EUROPE ,  NIGERIANS DO NOT NEED TO ENGAGE IN CORRUPT PRACTICES IN ORDER TO OWN PROPERTIES, HAVE ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION ETC, AND WHEN FULL BLOWN RECEIVE UNEMPLOYMENT/ CHILD BENEFITS  , AMONG OTHERS, details of funding and other issues on request. Please see below the BENEFITS that Nigeria stands to gain from making state structures an integral part of Nigeria’s social ideology. For efficiency and effectiveness, such structures MUST run simultaneously with the economic visions of capitalist system, in order to address the inherent dangers of system and the dangers such poses to sustainable economic growth/social stability.

The researchers opine and rightly too, that unless Nigeria makes state structures an integral part of our social ideology, we are IGNORANTLY RUNNING NEAR ANIMAL version of capitalist system, a recipe for economic policy failures/ social instability, under capitalist system.


*The truth is that, it was state structures that made millions (majority) in Europe to see their country as their father or mother when they realize that without such structures, they, their children, their generations yet unborn, can NEVER have access to education, healthcare, housing etc.   COVID 19 is a typical example, without state structures many would NOT be able to survive in Europe, hence their allegiance to the state. Today, all their citizens think of and support are politicians that use improvements in state structures to solicit for vote. Yes, if the federal government did not support me in my education , will i be writing this? It is pertinent to say that no religious, ethnic, tribal groups in Nigeria supports that only the children of the POOR should be hawking and waste on the streets during school hours.  What the researchers want the federal/government to realize is that, the level of development, insecurity, pilfering of state funds, corruption, poverty, do or die politics, resort to religion, ethnicity, call for restructuring/separatist agenda etc will never change, until the dangers inherent in a capitalist system, is addressed through right state structures, just as Europe did. Please see ROAD TO DISCOVERY FOR DETAILS. With state structures and devolution of powers firmly in place in Nigeria, the call for restructuring/separatist agenda will become a thing of the past as Nigerians have their state governors to look upon for dividend of democracy.


*To further make the calls for restructuring, separatist agenda, agitations irrelevant, the review recommends immediate DEVOLUTION of powers to the federating states. States should be allowed to repair/construct their roads, generate their power, and take care of their healthcare, education, among others. While the center takes care of defense, customs, foreign affairs, police etc. Let the expert please deliberate on this.

It is our considered opinion that successful implementation of this would enhance peace, unity and allow majority rule without much problem having regard to the fact that politics is a game of numbers. Most importantly, this would encourage much needed competition among the federating states and enhance massive development for Nigeria, among others.


 The researchers recommend that states should control only resources common to all states. All resources, presently controlled by the federal government should remain; while states internally generated revenue should be encouraged. A new revenue sharing formula should be drawn to take care of added responsibilities of the state.

Long term Strategy.

States should be allowed to control their resources later, when the success of the first option has been reviewed by the experts.


Ranching is the only solution. Nigeria needs the food and meat from cattle for daily survival. The federal government should release funds to the state governments to enable them build ranches for lease or rent to interested herders. We must stop viewing the issue based on tribe, religion etc. We MUST STOP stigmatizing majority based on the crimes of few. Criminals must be isolated and dealt with, to serve as deterrent to others.


The research recommends the immediate setting of state police in all the thirty six states, including Abuja, They should be armed with double barrel and pump action guns only, and be operationally responsible to the state governor. For major operations, they must go with the federal police or the army. Let the experts deliberate further on this.


*        Failure to diversify Nigeria economy.

*        Refining of Nigeria’s crude oil abroad.

*        Inability to maintain stable exchange rate.

*No stable power/dilapidated infrastructures.

*Failure to restrict imports.

*Failure to attract manufactures to Nigeria.

*Privatization, the need for review and access its future implications to Nigeria. Concession,  private/public sector partnership, commercialization etc the use and its effect.

*Other issues include but not restricted to the following; current PETROL PRICING, reduce running cost of government, appoint right people, inject recovered funds into verifiable critical infrastructure, encourage specified manufacturers in acquisition of strategic raw materials, introduce by backs for agric products, strengthen ease of doing business, reduce multiplicity of tariffs, open rail sector, policy monitoring/project evaluation, stimulate economy by injecting funds in critical areas of the economy etc.


*Nigeria should diversify its economy in other to create more employment opportunities for its teeming masses of unemployed youths. In the same vein, Nigeria needs to improve its revenue base, and be ready for the world after oil.

*Nigeria should do everything possible to stop refining of crude oil abroad by ensuring that our refineries’ work optimally and also encourage private sector to come on board. Nigeria not only loses much needed foreign exchange but also loses about thirteen derivatives from crude oil refining abroad.

*Nigeria can only maintain durable foreign exchange if she reduces her import dependency, refine her crude in Nigeria, encourage manufacturing of essential products in Nigeria, stop importations of non essential goods, among others.

* No stone should be left unturned in our current efforts to ensure constant power in Nigeria in order to enhance our manufacturing base, besides constant power is a recipe for more employment opportunities for Nigerians, among others.

* Nigeria should do everything possible to attract manufactures from abroad to come to the country and set up their business under the concept of build, operate, train local staff, recover cost, and check out.

Current  Petrol pricing.

The researchers observed that prices of essential commodities e.g. petrol are bound to rise, under private sector driven economy and when such happens, the government has only two options: either to subsidize such increase or take over the running of such business and considering Nigeria experience on subsidy issues and the episode in Nitel, Nepa etc none of these options are acceptable. This is the apt time to tell Nigerians the simple but honest truth, i.e. that as long as Nigeria continues to refine her crude abroad, that such increases are bound to take place as we have no control, as petrol prices are decided in international market. We either accept such increases or resort to refining our crude oil in Nigeria, a long term strategy that the government is already working upon.

The fact remains that, if the previous government that held sway for over sixteen years had made plans to ensure that Nigeria refines its crude oil locally, we would not be in the situation we now found ourselves, however, with Dangote refinery coming on stream and completion and granting of operational license to many modular refineries things will soon change. It is our considered opinion and having regard to what obtains in Europe today that, a well articulated state structures would ensure that Nigerians, especially the key segments of the society do not feel such increases, details on request.


*Privatization of key strategic assets/companies etc. in line with the views of proponents of capitalist system remains a veritable tool to fast track any economy. Privatization reduces corruption, wastages, embezzlements, lack of visions, commitments, initiatives etc. inherent in a public sector driven economy, but most importantly, it enhances industrialization/massive creation of employment opportunities, for the teeming masses of unemployed youths.

*Those opposing privatization are just postponing the evil day. The pains of privatization should not be the reason to stop it. Such pains (although temporary) should be mitigated with sustainable state structure (social inclusion) that addresses the root cause of such pain. The fact, still remains that, the alternative to privatization, is to continue to subsidize consumption, instead of creating wealth.


Privatization despite its economic advantages comes with a price. Private sector could topple an elected government by withholding services to the people. They could, also increase prices arbitrary. The leaders of Europe in realization of this, put in place several workable concepts i.e. Private/public sector initiatives, commercialization, concession


If Nigeria leaders, since independence, were aware of the dangers of capitalist system and had run economic visions of the system, simultaneously with the deliberate, sustainable state structures (an almost self financing system) that its centerpiece is human capital development. With this in place,

*The level of poverty, insecurity will never be at the level it is today as millions of Nigerian citizens, especially children, future productive workforce, now wasting and hawking on the streets during school hours, would have used the state structures to move to the next level of their lives, as is the case all over Europe today, a positive development that would have enhanced human capital development for Nigeria. If the truth must be told, no nation can reduce the level of poverty and by extension insecurity where millions of it citizens have no access to education. Besides, these crops of people are easy pawn in the hands of unscrupulous people that want to cause mischief in the nation.

* The level of stealing of state funds, corruption, would never be at the level it is today as millions of Nigeria workers who are the key stake holders in the economy, now unable to live on their legitimate income despite massive increases in their salaries and wages over the years, would be able do so because of state structures, a process that would have released much needed funds for Nigeria’s development. During the research, the researchers discovered that, over ninety percent of workers interviewed claimed that, they are not able not able to survive on their legitimate income. Only those that work in cbn.oil and gas, among others have a different view.  This, we consider a very serious development because where key stake holders that initiate and execute government policies consistently cannot survive on their legitimate income then, the country can never develop as expected, as some of these workers view any projects and government policies from the angle of what is in it for me, even at the expense of the state. The researchers also discovered that, it was state structures that made it possible for majority of workers in Europe to be able to survive on their legitimate income. The research also revealed that, increases in salary and wages of Nigerian workers, especially in an import dependent economy, is one of the reasons responsible for inflation in the country today.